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Lincoln Kofukan
Started in the 1970’s, we are one of the oldest Karate club in Lincolnshire. Our chief instructor Garry Pettit began training in 1973 and in 2022 was awarded 7  Dan also the title Shihan  for Kofukan Shito-Ryu. Garry also teaches Karate for the RAF Martial Arts Association. We have a good relationship with the University of Lincoln, who have their own Kofukan Karate club which we train for National competitions.


Current Instructors:

  • Shihan Garry Pettit Nanadan (7th Dan) Rensei
  • Nigel Parsons Godan (5th Dan)
  • Lawrence Petty Yondan (4th Dan)
  • Clive Petty Sandan (3rd Dan)
  • Jeff Law Sandan (3rd Dan)
  • Mark Longstaffe Sandan (3rd Dan)

What is Kofukan?
Established in the 1970’s by Sensei Tomiyama and Sensei Omi in order to spread Tani-ha Shitō-Ryu Karate-do around Europe. Kofukan International is now a worldwide association, with annual competitions bringing everyone together. Our symbol is the three swords: Shin (mind) Gi (technique) Ta (body), all unified as one.

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What is Shitō-Ryu?
The first character: Shi” is derived from the first part of Master Itosu, name from. This style of Karate is known as Itosu or Shuri-te generally performed with straight, sharp movements.

The second character: “Tō” comes from the first part  of Master Higaonna, name who taught in Naha, Okinawa. This style is generally performed with circular, soft movements.

The founder of Shitō-Ryu, Master Mabuni, built his style of Karate based on these two schools from which he learned. Shito-ryu therefore practices both of these contrasting methods — primarily through Kata, which can be categorised by their respective origins:

Itosu (Shuri-te) Kata Group
Pin’an (Shodan – Godan), Naihanchin (Shodan – Sandan), Bassai-Dai, Bassai-Sho, Kosokun-Dai, Kosokun-Sho, Shiho-Kosokun, Jitte, Jiin, Jion, Wanshu, Rohai (Shodan – Sandan), Chinto, Chintei, Useishi

Higaonna (Naha-te) Kata Group

Sanchin, Tensho, Gekisai (Ichi & Ni), Saifa, Seienchin, Seisan, Seipai, Sanseiru, Shissochin, Kururunfa, Suparinpai

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