Free training for 1st-timers, simply bring normal gym clothes & water to stay hydrated.

Karate is for anyone, regardless of past experience or current physical condition.

Why we learn Karate:

  1. To promote friendship among members & strengthen character;
  2. To improve physical fitness & well-being;
  3. To protect ourselves as well as others.

Karate coordinates the entire body for fighting, so we learn punches, kicks, sweeps, locks and take-downs. It’s simple to pick up, but also challenging to master. A few times per year your hard-earned skills will be tested and, if sufficient, you will pass to a higher rank — indicated by the colour belt you wear. As you improve you can also participate in competitions, perhaps even around the world at our annual International Cup.

How we learn Karate:

  1. Kihon: The core fundamentals of Karate and building blocks for all techniques. Can be practiced alone or against a target.
  2. Kumite: Applying techniques and strategy against an opponent. Training can be either cooperative or competitive.
  3. Kata: A set pattern of movements which will develop muscle memory & concentration. When practiced in tandem with Bunkai (application) it can help our fighting to become intuitive and practical.


  • Training fee (per session): £5 Junior, £6 Senior (15+ years)
  • License & insurance: Senior £24  Junior and Student in full time education £19
  • Clothing from £15 to £50 depending on size or style

All instructors are DBS registered and trained for Basic Life Support .

Want to join us

Check in with our local clubs and someone will get back to you shortly.
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